School Feeding Programme


The School Feeding Programme is a social assistance programme that is provided by the Ministry of Education at infant and primary schools.  This programme provides a hot nutritious meal for children at lunch time.

Category: Education/Training
Office: School Supervision
Deadline Date: not applicable
Processing Time: within one (1) day
Phone: (758) 4685441/4685443/4685442
Fee: EC$1.00
Hours: Lunch time (12:00 noon - 1:00 pm) on a daily basis
  1. The parent is required to make a verbal request to the Principal or teacher in charge of the school feeding programme.
  2. The child is then placed on the programme and remains there until the end of the child’s attendance at the school or as long as the parent wants the child to remain on the programme.

The child should be a student at the school.


This service is conducted on school premises and is for students attending infant and primary schools only.

Contact Information:

Phone: (758) 468-5441/5442/5443


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