Prime Minister, Lausanne University deliberate
Friday, September 20, 2019
by GIS
Talks develop over establishing a university campus in Saint Lucia.

Discussions are ongoing between Saint Lucia and Lausanne University about starting up a satellite facility in Saint Lucia.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet met with the head of Lausanne University while in Switzerland. It is hoped that the university will serve not only Saint Lucia, but the rest of the Caribbean.

“Given the immigration difficulties that other people are facing to get into the United States of America and the growth of tourism in this region, we believe that having a high-quality tertiary-level facility in Saint Lucia would be fantastic. What’s great about the curriculum at Lausanne is that it is fully integrated both in academics as well as practical skills; and we can provide opportunities for young people to intern at hotels as well as the cruise industry.”

Prime Minister Hon. Chastanet anticipates that representatives from the university will visit Saint Lucia later this year.

“The DSH project is actually building a 230 room hotel specifically as a university hotel. Once the Lausanne group sign-on they will proceed to build the property. They have seen the design and have already worked with the DSH group in Switzerland. Lausanne and Teo Ah King have been working for the last four years so I want to thank him for the opportunity for this new development.”

Ministry Officials

  • Hon. Dr. Gale Tracy Christiane Rigobert / Minister