BTC participates in soccer tournament
Friday, September 20, 2019
by Ministry of Equity

A football team from the Boys Training Centre (BTC) traveled to Grenada to participate in the 2019 Caribbean Children Charity Shield Soccer Tournament from August 17 to 24.

The BTC team consisted of 16 boys and five members of staff. The team competed against 16 other teams from the Caribbean region for the 2019 Shield Title.

Boys Training Centre Manager, Mr. Wang Sonson, stated that Saint Lucia was well represented at the opening ceremony of the event.

“Our boys represented us proudly,” he said. “They did the Boys Training Centre (BTC) and Saint Lucia well.”

The event was held in Trinidad in 2015; Guyana in 2016; St. Vincent in 2017; Saint Lucia in 2018; and in Grenada this year (2019).

“When we first went to Saint Lucia in 2018 we wanted to add a charity part to the tournament,” Ms. Trisha Brown, the Caribbean Children Charity Shield Coordinator, said. “We were referred to the Boys Training Centre. We are extremely happy that the boys from the Boys Training Centre are able to be part of the lineup this year.”

The first Caribbean Children Charity Shield Soccer Tournament was held in Barbados in 2014.

Ministry Officials

  • Hon. Dr. Gale Tracy Christiane Rigobert / Minister